Application of inflatable heating blanket
Column:Company New Time:2021-02-04
Surgical patients are at high risk of pressure ulcers.

Surgical patients are at high risk of pressure ulcers. The occurrence of pressure ulcers during surgery is related to negative stress of surgical position, nutritional status of patients'skin, age and other factors. Activity limitation occurs within a few hours. For the patients under anesthesia, all or part of the body's perception has disappeared, the muscles have lost the ability of self-regulation, the negative focus and fulcrum have changed after the operation position is placed, which causes skin, nerves, blood vessels, muscles and other tissue damage, the most common of which is skin injury. In addition to the above factors, the formation of pressure ulcers during the operation is related to the exposure of the body cavity for too long, the input of a large number of low-temperature stored blood, a large number of cold saline irrigation of the body cavity, poor peripheral blood circulation, leading to the reduction of blood supply in the compressed area is more prone to pressure ulcers. Surgical patients'skin pressure ulcers are caused by the interaction of various internal and external factors. In the prevention of pressure ulcers in surgical patients, besides taking corresponding nursing measures to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers, the influence of internal factors can not be ignored. Therefore, in the nursing measures for surgical patients to prevent bedsore, we should pay attention to the warmth of the patients in addition to regular preoperative visits to assess the patient's skin, correct position placement, gel pad and liquid heating. Inflatable heating blanket is a continuous active heating system based on heating convective air. It can provide effective heat transfer for a large area of body surface by shielding radiation and convection. The blanket can form a warm air bag, which can make the warm air directly contact the patient's body surface, form a unique warm current layer between the skin of the patient, and actively maintain and raise the body temperature. Before the operation, heating blanket is used in the range of skin disinfection without affecting the patient. The temperature is selected at 38 C. Because the heating blanket is continuously heated and inflated, the temperature of heating blanket is higher than the body surface temperature. The heat can flow to the skin through conduction and convection, and then the heat can be carried to the whole body through effective blood circulation.