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Transfer pad

save effort and save time, Safe and efficient Transfer patient

relieve pain Avoid the two damage caused by metastasis

High bearing strength ,load of 150kg

Product features

save effort and save time, Safe and efficient Transfer patient

relieve pain  Avoid the two damage caused by metastasis

High bearing strength load of 150kg

Product function

For patients with stable, easy transfer, to prevent damage from the patients to bed when dragging and pulling caused, especially to meet patients with head and neck, spine surgery, joint replacement surgery patients, high safety requirements to intubation surgery patients, can not easily touch the patient to bed needs

The utility model reduces the pain and discomfort of the patient when the bed is moved, and greatly reduces the pain of the patient

The labor intensity of the nursing staff is reduced, the work efficiency is improved, and the medical dispute caused by the improper transfer of the patient is avoided

Product principle

Move the slide pad with the one-time pad patient transfer, low pressure air filling pump sliding pad, were suspended so that uniform airflow in air below the spray formed on the sliding pad and the air layer between the bed body, play the role of reducing friction, realizes the transfer without laborious to the patient

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